Our sculptures are born out of a desire to add a sustainable dimension to our project.

They can be placed in a number of indoor and outdoor locations and represent an innovative way to combine art, civic action and awareness and are an ideal way to show your participation in the contemporary challenge of diversity.

Like our exhibitions, our sculptures are grouped into two categories: "Chais'Art" and "Mots-Images". The first resembles the Chais'Art pictograms, and the second are human-sized representations of our two word-image exhibitions. More than thirty prototypes of Chais'Art sculptures exist. Our creations, which are made by the Brussels craftsman "Fer à souder", are delivered with a sign that describes the represented work, always in a humorous, surprising and striking way,

Being that the characteristics of the work are customizable (dimensions, material, ...), do not hesitate to contact us to discover all the possibilities. We can also meet you for more information and show you our thirty or so prototypes of sculptures.

Modifié le  01.02.2022