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As the standard-setter in service robotics, Awabot is the bond that links people to robots.

BEYOND ROBOTICS, because we have a strong belief in robotics that connects, bonds, and enables us to interact with one another. For the doubters amongst you, robotics is first and foremost about people, a technological response to the needs that Man still cannot meet.

• Humanist: we believe that well-integrated robotics can help enterprises, and the people who work in them, to break free from constraints and tasks with little added value.

• Trust: we like to push the limits with ambition, however, we also know how to remain farsighted and humble in the face of the technical and technological challenges that arise. No false promises and a collaboration based on trust and transparency.

• Collective: our success is based on:
– the mobilization of all in a common dynamic,
– listening to and anticipating the needs of our employees, customers or partners,
– our ability to adapt to everyday challenges.


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