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AVJ Pluriel ASBL

"Services for the physically disabled"

You have a physical disability and are looking for solutions to manage your daily life. The AVJ service offers you help.
AVJ in 3 points:

The AVJ service provides, at the request of the user, at home or in the immediate vicinity, the necessary assistance to compensate for the functional incapacity to carry out the actions of daily living.

To enable people with physical disabilities to
- live independently and make and take responsibility for their life choices
- to receive support in carrying out activities of daily living
- to live in a suitable social home in a lively city close to all amenities
- to be connected via an intercom system to the AVJ service to ask their question or request for help

- respect for the autonomy and independence of users
- respect for the user's privacy
- Respect for differences
- promoting inclusion
- giving users the opportunity to develop fully

The AVJ Pluriel de Cuesmes service is recognised and subsidised by the AVIQ.

For more information, please contact the service on 065 33 43 81 or by email at cuesmes@avjpluriel.be.

If you are a candidate, an appointment will be made with the person in charge to evaluate the application and determine AVJ's needs.