Chais'Art was born from the combination of the wheelchair and art. Our aim: to raise awareness and demystify disability through art and humour.

Chais'Art aims to represent the international acronym of accessibility through various situations that provoke ridicule, wonder or questions. It allows us to denounce certain obstacles that people with disabilities face and to highlight the themes of autonomy and inclusion. Our project Chais'Art has grown and now takes the following forms:

  • Pictograms
  • Exhibitions
  • Books
  • Sculptures
Modifié le  01.02.2022

Two artists put together their sensitivity and their talent to realize the project "Chais'Art".

Modifié le  02.02.2022

The strength of Chais'Art lies in how expressive its pictograms are.

Modifié le  01.02.2022

Our sculptures are born out of a desire to add a sustainable dimension to our project.

Modifié le  01.02.2022

Our books are intended to help everyone discover our project.

Modifié le  08.02.2022