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Azores Airlines (S4)


Aeroporto Humberto Delgado
00351 (0)296 209 720
Modifié le  24.03.2023


You shall request this service at the time of booking or up to 48 hours before departure of your flight. It’s important that you provide to us all information concerning the level of assistance that you need, so we can be able to address your needs during your journey with us.


Travelling with own wheelchair or mobility aid

If you are travelling with your own mobility equipment ,wheelchair, crutches, walkers or other mobility aids you will be able to bring them free of charge in addition to the standard baggage allowance.

Maximum dimensionsMaximum weight
Azores Airlines’ A320 and A321 fleetSATA Air Açores’ Bombardier Q200 and Bombardier Q400 NextGen fleet 200 kg / 440 lbs
Length 150 cm Length 142 cm
Width 140 cm Width 114 cm
Height 119 cm Height 114 cm

Due to the dimensions and specifications of our aircrafts, please keep in mind that the storage of passenger wheelchairs in the cabin is not possible.


When travelling with your own wheelchair, whether battery-powered or manual, it is important to have the following information:

  • The dimensions of your personal mobility device including height, width, and length;
  • The weight of your wheelchair or scooter;
  • The battery type (if applicable) and additional replacement batteries.


At the airports will have at your disposal three kinds of wheelchairs, that is possible to be requested:

  • Wheelchair Ramp – A passenger requiring a wheelchair to/from aircraft but who can ascend and descend steps (steps or finger) and move in the aircraft cabin;
  • Wheelchair Steps– A passenger requiring a wheelchair to/from the aircraft and must be carried up and down the steps or finger, but who can move in the aircraft cabin;
  • Wheelchair Cabin Seat – A passenger who is completely immobile. He requires a wheelchair to and from the aircraft and must be carried up and down the steps or finger and to and from his seat (it may be necessary present a Clearance Advice for transport and a Medical Information (INCAD) or passenger sign the "Declaration for transport of passengers with reduced mobility").


Manual wheelchairs

You may dispatch your wheelchair either at check-In or at the gate and use a service wheelchair for travel within the airport. However, is extremely important that you verify below the following information:

  • If you choose to drop off your wheelchair at check-in, you will be provided with a service wheelchair and assisted by one of our staff;
  • If you would prefer to use your personal wheelchair within the airport, you can arrange to have it checked at the departure gate. Your wheelchair will be returned to you at your destination gate or at your connecting airport if you have connecting flights till your final destination. Keep in mind, that the time between connecting flights may be insufficient to provide this service during a layover, especially if disassembly and reassembly of the wheelchair are required. If time is a factor, we recommend that you take advantage of SATA’s wheelchair service instead.


Battery-operated wheelchairs

In the event that we need to prepare your battery-operated wheelchair or scooter for stowage, it will need to be checked at the airport counter. Our staff will assist you to the departure gate with a service wheelchair.
Some disassembly of your wheelchair may be required. This may include disconnection and connection of the battery in accordance with Dangerous Goods requirements.

If you have dropped off your battery-operated wheelchair or scooter at check-in, it will be returned to you at Baggage Claim upon arrival at your final destination.

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